Shadow and Puppet Theatre in Cambodia and the region


Big Shadow Theatre, Sbek Thom:
Sovanna Phum
Wat Bo

Small Shadow Theatre, Sbek Touch:
Shadowplay hiv
Small Kok Thlok
Small Shadow Theatre, Sbek Touch
Le beau-père qui choisit son gendre
"Bambu Puppets" with SORN Soran, Siem Reap

Colored Shadow Theatre, Lakhaon Sbek Por:
Sbek Por Revival
The churning of the sea of milk

Puppets Beyond Borders:
Les Remouleurs, France
RUFA, Cambodia
Htwe Oo Puppet, Myanmar
Handgemenge, Germany
Makahampom, Thailand
Puppets Beyond Borders, info

Laos, Vientiane:
Kabong Lao 1
Kabong Lao 2
Artistic Director Leutmany Insisiengmay, sculptures
Laotian puppets
National Puppet Theatre
Vientiane Performing Arts Festival, 2016

Laos, Luang Prabang:
Phralam Phralak 1
Phralam Phralak 2
Gilded Ramayana panels

Myanmar, Yangon:
Burmese stringed puppets
see also: Yangon masks


The big shadow puppet is of Sva So and Sva Khmao, the white and the black monkey fighting. Mann Kosal at Sovanna Phum Theater.