Preah Thin Vong Neang Pow

Lakhaon Yike Damkang
Kok Thlok Association of Artists
Friday October 17, 2008, 6.00pm at Chenla Theatre

Preah Thin Vong was a prince of the Kingdom of Varanasi. The king's minister proposed that the prince should marry his daughter Kayouwan. Preah Thin Vong said neither yes or no, but meanwhile took leave of his parents to study the martial and magical arts with a sage in the forest.

The King of Takkashila had seven beautiful daughters. All found husbands who pleased them, except for Neang Pow, the youngest.

Once his studies were over, Preah Thin Vong returned to his kingdom. On passing through Takkashila city, he saw the beautiful Neang Pow and her six sisters in a park. He fell in love with Neang Pow. He then used his magical arts to change himself into a leprous man called Neay Khlong in order to see whether Neang Pow would be concerned with his physical appearance. When the sisters saw the leper, the six elder ones felt disgusted and turned away; while Neang Pow, full of compassion, covered him with her scarf and stayed with him. When her father learned the news, she was driven out of the Palace to live with the leper.

One day Preah Thin Vong appeared to his wife in his real form in order to test her fidelity. The handsome prince tried to woo the married woman, but was rejected by her. His admiration for her was great.

Out of pity for Neang Pow, the God Indra took the form of an emperor and declared war on the Kingdom of Takkashila. Only Preah Thin Vong could defeat Indra's army. The King then crowned Preah Thin Vong King of Takkashila. However, the six sisters, jealous of Neang Pow, employed every trick and stratagem to separate the couple. Neang Pow implored her husband to let her follow him everywhere. Preah Thin Vong decided to go back to his kingdom, and asked his wife to disguise herself as his dumb servant.

As soon as they arrived in Preah Thin Vong's Kingdom, his parents and the prime minister decided to marry him to Kayouwan. Preah Thin Vong did not refuse. From that day on, Neang Pow would, because of Kayouwan's jealousy, have a very hard existence, until the day indeed that Preah Thin Vong, in execution of his wife's will, ordered a guard to kill Neang Pow.

Khmer Classical Literature
Text adapted to Lakhaon Yike by Pok Dirama and Khoun Vuthy
Director: Pok Dirama
Assistant Director: Khoun Vuthy
Stage Manager: Ieng Hoeun
Wardrobe: Koet Tharan
Technician:Heng An

Cast of Characters
Preah Thin Vong: Sum Sythoeun
Neay Khlong: Pok Dirama
Neang Pow: Seng Nalin
First Elder Sister: Sok Sovan
Second Elder Sister: Yim Chanthy
Third Elder sister: Seng Vanna
King of Takkasila: Sok Samnang
King of Varanasi: Khoun Vuthy
Kayouwan: Long Malis
Kayouwan's Mother: Ouk Sokha
Prime Minister: Khy Samnang
Clowns: Lay Poch
Clowns: Ieng Hoeun
Guards: Phat Sothlydat
Guards: Ek Chanmoly
Narrator, Singer: Pich Phat
Musical Ensemble: Peang Kannika
Musical Ensemble: Pich Phat
Musical Ensemble: Pen Chanton



Phreah Thinavong (movie)
Directed by Ly Var, 01h 55, 1966, Khmer Version
After having learned the magic with a hermit, Phreah Thinavong returns back to his palace. On the way, he metamorphosed himself into a leper to find out the feeling of the princess Neang Pov, the daughter of a king of Borey Champa. The princess pitied the leper very much so that she gave him her scarf. Her older sisters thought she has a lover and incited their father to dismiss her from living in the palaceā€¦
Bophana Center, Phnom Penh Cine-Saturday, January 23, 2010