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Cravath, Paul, "Earth in Flower", 514 pp., Datasia, 2007, p., 432:
"Turning of the popil" was performed in Cambodia on occasions of entering into a new phase of life—puberty, ordination, marriage, coronation, naming a baby, or, in this case, consecrating young dancers. It was fundamentally a magic circle; the persons being honored were surrounded by the audience who passed the popil—a metal plate often in the shape of a heart, with a lit candle affixed—in a circle around the honorees. Usually three popil were passed for nineteen rounds, the number of "essential spirits" in man as well as in rice. Special candles were often used with nineteen threads in the wick ƒ. During the turning of the popil, the entire audience was also encircled by a single cotton thread ƒƒ.
(ƒ, Porée-Maspero, Éveline "Notes sur les particularites du culte chez le Cambodiens." BEFEO, 44, No 2 (1954), pp.624-25, 640. ƒƒ p.582.)

Thierry, Solange "Le Popil: Objet rituel cambodgien" 130pp., Cedoreck 1984 (Bibliotheque Khmère, Série A, Textes et Documents, Volume II)

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