Building the Bridge to Langka, Circus Drama, 2008
A new interpretation through Cambodian Circus
Performed by the Artists of the National School of Circus

The original production of Building the Bridge to Langka was created by Ms. Nay Nary, the deputy Director of the National School of Circus with support from the Asian Cultural Council/Rockefeller Mentorship Program i collaboration with Amrita Performing Arts. This weekend's performances are sponsored by ANZ Royal.

Synopsis: Hanuman, the white monkey general, receives orders from his King Preah Ream (Rama) to build a bridge across the ocean to rescue the captive princess, Neang Seda (Sita). He orders this monkey soldiers to pile up stones to make a bridge, but the stones mysteriously disappear. When Hanuman dives into the sea to find out what happened to the stones, he discovers that Sovann Macha, the golden mermaid, and her soldiers have carried away the stones. He is about to kill her, but upon seeing how beautiful Sovann Macha is, he falls in love with her. He wins over her heart, and they join forces in rebuilding the bridge.

Hanuman (White Monkey General) Vong Vannak (contortion), Chin Chanta (rope climbing),
Sovann Macha (Golden Mermaid) Phon Chanpisey,
Monkey Soldiers:
Seam Ratana, Boeun Heng, Hun Ponleu, Seng Kim Hour, Meak Samnang Pheakdey
Mermaid Soldiers:
You Sina, Saing Malen, Sun Sreymom, Loch Pisey
Boeun Hang, Hun Ponleu
Seam Ratana, Chen Chanta
Meak Samnang Pheakdey, Seng Kim Hour

Roneat Ek (Xylophone) Ros Dararith,
Kong Touch (Small Gongs) Ros Sokunthea,
Kong Thom (Big Gongs) Sroeung Vuthy,
Skor Thom (Large Twin Drums) Sroeung Sambath,
Sampho (Double-sided Drum) Soy Sam Ath,
Sralai (Oboe-like Reed Instrument) Kem Rithy

Curtain call.