Amrita workshop with ESZTER SALAMON

{ January 13, 2010 @ 3:30 pm }

Eszter is teachin’ ’em how to shake!

She uses trance music. Mel C’s "I Turn to You" and Cantopop.

Eszter: You have a sense of driving the action, but in another sense you are also being driven by the movement.

Eszter: It’s a musical experience, and it’s air, you’re eventilating so much, so of course you’re dizzy, your heart is working faster. It’s a different phsyiological state from just sitting here. And of couse your thoughts; you can have a physical sensation and you can think about something else. You can feel and think of something else. I don’t know for you: I can see myself from the outside, I can feel the concentration about what I think, if I want to think about rhythm, or colour, or I will feel dfiferent about.

Later, eavesdropping on her conversation with Airan, I find out that this is about getting the participants to think beyond the rigidity of their classical forms. How do you get the brain outside the box?

Shake it!

Ng Yi-Sheng