L'affaire de la rue de Lourcine

Director: Catherine Marnas,
Friday 10 September, 7 pm, 2010

Mr. Lenglumé, honest citizen, decides one night to go secretly to the annual banquet of the institution Labadens. The next day, when waking up and sobering up, Lenglumé can't remember how he spent his night. The headlines tell a sordid murder and he finds oddly in his pocket objects that suggest he is the perpetrator ... The research begins and will lead him to discover a side of himself that he did not suspect, dangerous, unexplored ...

Our partnership with the Company Parnas continues this year with the adaptation of a comedy by Eugene Labiche, L'affaire de la rue de Lourcine. Catherine Marnas, who had already staged a Cambodian tale La perdrix mâle et la perdrix femelle during Lakhaon 2008, returns for two months to work with Cambodian actors on this new project.

Eugène Labiche is famous for having illustrated the genre of vaudeville (light comedy, with songs, and generally composed of many twists). Even before completing his law studies, he published articles in the Journal of the theater where he casts a critical and amused eye on the foibles of the petty bourgeoisie (of which he is also himself from). From his first play, La Cuvette d'eau, which dates from 1837, Labiche was noted for his qualities as a caricaturist. Mr de Coislin (1838), his second play was a great success. That same year, Labiche wrote his only novel, La Clef des champs, and then devoted to vaudeville. He published a hundred books, among which are masterpieces of comic theater: Let us embrace Folleville (1850), An Italian Straw Hat (1851), The Pearl of the Canebière (1855) .. . Labiche highlighted conformism and ridiculous aspects specific to the bourgeoisie. Labiche entered the French Academy in 1880. He died in 1888 in Paris.

Catherine Marnas
Earning a MA in Modern Literature and a Master of Semiology Theatre, Catherine Marnas was trained at the direction with two great names in contemporary theater, Antoine Vitez (1983-1984) and Georges Lavaudant (1987-1994). In parallel, she founded the DRAMATIC COMPANY PARNAS almost exclusively dedicated to contemporary repertoire. Animated by a constant wish to work on material still engaged with the world, she tries to defend authors as Dubillard, Copi, Frisch, Py, Pasolini, Rebotier, Valetti, Brecht, Molière, Shakespeare, Chekhov. Bernard-Marie Koltes is her favorite author. Her willingness to confront her theater to otherness, her love of crosses, the curiosity of friction with other cultures regularly bring Catherine Marnas and her Company in many foreign adventures in South America and Asia.
1995 : Roberto Zucco of Koltès | 1998 : Alors entonces | 2002 : Eva Perron, triptyque Copi
2006 : Dom Juan of Molière
2008 : La perdrix mâle et la perdrix Femelle | 2009 : La jeune fille, le diable et le moulin (direction Franck Manzoni)
Brazil 2008 : Le retour au désert de B.M. Koltès