Anaglyph stereopanorama, colour 2021_0120

Anaglyph stereopanorama, b/w 2021_0120

Stereo panorama with movement in one cubic tile made with PTGui and ffmpeg (on Mac OS)

8 photos x 2, no zenith or nadir

Hardware: ( x 2 when needed )
Sony a 6300.
Nikon AF-S Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED.
Metabones N/F-E Adapter Nikon G -> Sony E-mount.
Sony RM-VPR1 cable from Pano Society (Nodal Ninja) with home made release box - with a switch to allow camera settings to be adjusted when connected.
Cameras in portrait format, slightly toe-in, rotated between the lenses no-parallax point. Old Manfrotto rotator. Smallrig L bracket and other Arca Swiss compatible parts.

Lightroom 6.9,
PTGui Pro 12 beta 14, following the Zakato_stereo_webinar with Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano:
FFMpeg 4.3.1,
Pano2VR6 6.1.10,
BBEdit 12.6.7

Here the cameras are parallell, no toe in, and no rotator yet. The rig is not optimal when changing memory cards or batteries. But to shoot video they should be positioned side by side (not one vertically flipped) or the rolling shutter will give problems, fast movement across the frame in normal horisontal video is bad enough.