Sacred Dancers of Angkor
Water Festival Buong Suong


On the 6th November 2014

The Sacred Dancers of Angkor Dedicated 3 Rituals on the Full Moon of the 12th Lunar Calendar.
Early afternoon at the River of the 1000 Lingas in the Koulen, the Holy Mountain of Mahendraparvata.
Calling the Gods to Bestow the Spiritual Energy in the Yonis and Lingas.
Blessing the Sacred Water of the 1000 Lingas River flooding the Plains of Cambodia with Prosperity, Good Health, Happiness and Peace and the Collect of Lustral Water. At the River of the Thousand Lingas, November 6, 2014

Late afternoon at Kruh Preah Aram Rong Chen the First Pyramid Temple Mountain in the Koulen Jungle.
Consecration Ritual to King Jayavarman II Deva Raja and the Spirits of all Angkorian/ Khmer Kings.
and Preah Karuna Preah Norodom Sihanouk Preah Borom Rattanakkot.
Supplication Calling all the Gods to Bless the Crown, the Royal Government and all the 25 Provinces with the release of the 25 nominal Sky Lanterns.

At Midnight in Angkor Wat representing Mount Meru Home of the Gods on Earth On the Bridge over the Moat.
Dedication to Lord Vishnu.
Observation of the Eight Silas - Precepts - Dedication to Lord Buddha in His Reincarnation as a Rabbit.
Rituals of the 25 Candles representing each of the 25 Provinces.
Ceremony of Sampeah Preah Khe.
Ceremony of Floating 25 Candles Offerings "Banhea Preah Kantong" for Good Fortune in the 25 Provinces.
Ork Ambok or Pounding of the New Rice, with the Brahmanist/Buddhist Rites to Bless the Harvest as the Prediction is by the Bakous in the Palace.

Preparing for the midnight ceremony at the bridge of Angkor Wat under the full moon.