One day, Shiva the Great Deva, commanded Ganesh to gurad te entrance door and not to allow anyone to enter and disturb his maditation. Ganesh followed his order and guarded the entrance. Unfortunately, it was the day that Ram Prsu wished to see Shiv, the Great Deva. He insisted o seeing him and would not listen to any reason. When Ganesh was faced with this situation, he forbade Ram Prsu from entering, but the latter paid no attention to his warning. In the end, there was a fight, but Ram Prsu could not withstand Ganesh's power sphe threw Shiva's diamond axe at Ganesh. As soon as Ganesh saw the diamond axe, he remembered that it belonged to Shiva; if he cought or desttroyed it he might be accused of destroying Shiva's power, so he turned his head away and the thrown axe broke his tusk.

When she learned of this matter, Umadevi was angry and cursed Ram Prsu so he lost his strength and could not move. Isuan (Shiva) sympathized with him and told him tothinkof Narayana. Then Narayana disguised himself as a young Brahmin and denced softly and beautifuyllyfor Umadevi. This dance pleased her so the diguised Brahmin, Narayana, asked her to release Ram Prsu from the curse. In the end she had to remove the curse on him.

The key actors are as follows:
1. Isuan (Shiva)
2. Umadevi
3. Narayama
4. Ganesh
5. Ram Prsu
6. Narayama duplicate

Solo Performance by Pichet Klunchun
Lighting by Sunon Wachirawarakarn

Pichet Klunchun in his old Chang Theater, 2006


rehearsal in 2006

workshop in 2016