Preah Samuth

Royal Ballet
Saturday December 6, 2008, 6:30 PM, Chaktomuk Convention Hall
Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and UNESCO/Japanese Funds-in-Trust.

The Princess Buth Somaly, a daughter of the Giant king Virulchak and queen Vasun, one night, dreamed of being encircled by a huge dragon. Her odd dream was predicted by the servants that soon she would have a royal husband.

Accidently, one day, her father Giant King Virulchak allowed her to play in the royal park where she met a Prince named Preah Samuth. The Prince, presumptuously, told the servants that the princess Buth Somaly was his happily married couple since his previous life. Saying that, the Prince began to brandish his stick and prayed his magic spell to capture Princess Buth Somaly to his palace.

With furious anger, the Giant King, Virulchak, swiftly called for his troops to pursue the enemy. Being tired after a long way, Preah Samuth and Princess Buth Somaly took a rest in the forest.

Meanwhile, there was a wild giant named "Veykan" coming across the beautiful Princess sleeping with her royal husband. The wild giant fell deeply in love with her. Then, he hypnotised Preah Samuth and furiously wooed Princess Buth Somaly. Veykan forced her to follow him, otherwise her husband would be killed.

On the contrary, the giant was swindled by the Princess trickery. Having a chance, the Princess swiftly rushed to pick up and brandish her husband's magic bow, praying for his merit, to create many troops to fight with Vaykan, the wild giant...

Curtain call after the performance.

Cast of Characters

Mrs. Sam Lim Thea Preah Samuth
Ms. Sam Savin But Somaly
Mrs. Thong Kim An But Somaly's father
Mrs. Meng Kossama But Somaly's mother
Mrs. Koy Sina Giant Veykan
Ms. Prasith Vichheka Veykan Soldier
Mr. Pum Chan Rath Veykan Soldier
Mr. Chhuon Oudam Veykan Soldier
Ms. Meng Chan Theara Veykan Soldier
Mrs. Pring Sokhannarit Servant
Ms. Phan Chan Theary Servant
Ms. Hem Linda Servant
Ms. Hang Sopheap Servant
Ms. Din Phany Servant
Ms. Hang Sopheap Servant
Ms. Chhit Uy Romanita Soldier
Ms. Sok Lidana Soldier
Ms. Moeurn Srey Pov Soldier
Ms. Chey Sophea Soldier
Ms. Sok Srey Nhal Soldier
Ms. Lek Vanny Soldier
Ms. Keo Phirum Guard

Musicians and Singers

Mr. Proeurng Pronne Roneath Ek
Mr. Nol Kol Sra Lay
Mr. Chhem Sok Samphor
Mr. San Kimsour Drum
Mr. Sieng Ournly Rothea Thung
Mr. Se Phalla Koang Thom
Mr. Chhum Kong Koang Touch
Mr. Yann Porin Singer
Mrs. Duong Mary Singer
Mrs. Hun Sarat Singer
Mr. Thong Dara Singer
Mr. Penh Yom Singer

Board of Directors

H.E. Mr. Him Chhem
H.E. Mr. Khim Sarith
H.E. Mr. Ouk Socheat
H.E. Mr. Sam Rinkamsan
H.E. Mr. Meas Sarun
H.E. Mr. Un Tim
H.E. Ms. Norng Channthom
H.E. Mr. Phann Sarath
Mr. Hun Sarin

Organizing Committee

H.E. Mrs. Minh Kossany
Mr. Preurng Chheang
Mr. Mao Keng
Mrs. Em Theay
Mrs. Sim Montha
Mrs. Ros Kong
Mrs. Pen Sok Huon
Mrs. Om Yuvanndy
Mrs. Sut Somaly
Mrs. Ros Yarann


Mr. Seng Kim Ly
Mr. Yun An
Mr. Duong Samut
Ms. Vong Sokun Nika