The Story of Subha Dansay

Small shadow theatre - Lakhaon Sbek Touch.
School of Fine Arts, 2007

There are many stories of the rabbit in Cambodian folk tales.

Chor Chanthyda wrote a thesis on the hare as a trickster figure.
Chor Chanthyda, "An Analysis of the Trickster Archetype as Represented by the Rabbit Character in Khmer Folktales", MoA Thesis, The Buddhist Institute, Phnom Penh, August 2004, 117 p., page 79-96 are hare/rabbit stories. link died.

This small shadowplay seems to be a variation of Story 11, p. 89

There is a film on the theme of the third story in the Chor_Chanthyda.pdf, p. 87-70: "The two neighbors", directed by Narith Roeun, produced by Bophana Center, 25 min, 2008, Khmer Version with English and French Subtitles.
Chan and Sok go trapping in the bush. One trap is put at the foot of a tree while the other at the top of the same tree. In the morning, Sok is surprised to see a deer caught by a bird trap at the top of a tree. He files a complaint against his friend…

A rabbit is also a symbol for the Ministry of Justice, photo of a float from the 55th year celebration of Independence Day, 9 Nov, 2008.
It is said also to occur on the Seal of Justice in Cambodia?

And there is of course a rabbit in the moon:
"Last evening took place at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh the traditional Ceremony of the Greetings to the Moon."
"After the Greetings to the Moon with the holy pieces of music "Sakrava", the members of the Royal Family gathered in the Hall of Throne to proceed with the "Ak Ambok", which litterally means "feeding with Ambok", which is rice fried in the husk, pounded with a giant pestle to remove the husks, and mixed with coconut and banana. The Elders would feed the youngers to remind them the wiseness of the Rabbit Pouthesath who stays eternally on the Moon after obeying all his life long to the commandments of Indra, thus wishing the Youngers to be as wise as the Rabbit in the future!"
Ravivaddhana Monipong Sisowath

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