Sovannahong - story
      Sovannahong is a love story between Princess Ket Soriyong, the daughter of a giant King Citra, and Sovannahong, a human prince.
      King Citra wants to marry off his daughter, Princess Ket Soriyong against her will. She makes a garland, lets it flow on the ocean, and makes a vow that the person who finds the garland will be her predestined lover. Sovannahong indes the garland and makes his way to the kingdom of the Princess with his magical golden swan. The secret romance between human and deity cannot last very long. Scheming court ladies hurt him with a devilish arrow as he is entering the bedroom of the princess. Sovannahong spitting blood leaves the realm of the giant king, believing that it was Soriyong who tried to kill him. When the latter wakes up, she despairs as she sees blood on the floor with the garland. The god Indra appears and turns her into a male warrior named Preahm Ket so she can look for her lost love.
      On her quest, she first encounters a giant in the forest, names Kumpoan who tries to seduce her, but instead is beaten senseless by her, ending up in drag as her maid. When arriving to the court of Sovannahong, Kumpoan turns himself into a brahman named Preahm To.
      Along with the Princess Soriyong disguised into Preahm Ket, they offer their help to the desperate Sovannahong's parents. Soriyong succeeds in curing him with a magical remedy. She leaves the kingdom without revealing her real identity. When Sovannahong wakes up, his parents tell him that two brahmans were able to cure him. They give the garland left by Soriyong. The Prince realises that Soriyong was faifthful to him. He then takes leave of his parents to set out on a quest of his lover.

Her Royal Highness Princess NORODOM Buppha Devi
Her Royal Highness Princess SISOWATH Khemmavadey
Master PEN Sok Huon
Master PROEUNG Chhieng
Master SOTH Somaly

CHAMROEUN Samphors, CHAP Chamroeuntola, CHEN Chansoda, CHEUT Uromanita, CHHAM Chantrea, CHHEY Sophea, CHHON Niboran, HANG Sopheap, HEM Nida, IM Leakhana, KEO Phirum, KHIEV Sotheavy, MOM Vanvotey, MOUEUN Srey Peuv, OUM Chanthida, PRASETH Vichheka, PRASETH Vichivy, ROTH Chanmony, SAM Limsothea, SAM Savin, SAM ATH Sovanney, SANG Phorsda, SETH Chanvorleak, SIN Sakada, SOEUR Thavarak, SOK Lydana, THAN Chenda, THONG Kim An, VUTH Chanmoly

CHHEM Sok, Drum 'Sampho'
MEAS Sambo, Drum 'Skor Thom' and Cymbals 'Chhing' NOL Kol, Oboe 'Sralay'
PROEUNG Pruon, Xylophone 'Roneat Ek'
SAN Kim Sour, Gong 'Kong Thom'
SE Phalla, Gong 'Kong Touch'
SIENG Ngun Ly, Xylophone 'Ronaet Thong'

DONG Marey, HUN Sarath, YANN Borin

PEN Sok Chea, PEN Sok Huon, ROS Yaran, SIM Muntha, SIN Sama Deuk Chho, SOTH Somaly